about us

Stoever Jones Design is an innovative, cutting edge design firm specializing in designing  retail, dental office and food service interiors.  The two partners, Brenda Jones and Shannen Stoever have over 44 experience in the design and construction industry and as a result both have developed long-standing relationships through-out the community.  With their depth of knowledge and experience they are able to offer a variety of professional services.


At Stoever Jones Design we are adept at working with budgets big and small.  We strive to create efficient, well balanced yet exciting spaces, which not only add value to our clients investments but evoke a feeling of intrigue and interest.


From the initial design to the final product, we place a great deal of emphasis on building relationships.  Client input is crucial, as we believe that the client knows their business better then we can.  By maintaining close ties with expert contractors and product representatives, we are able to deliver the best possible advantages to our clients.  The relationships that we make with all those involved in carrying out the project is how we deliver outstanding service and give our clients the best possible advantages at all times.


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